Swimming Pool Repairs & Renovations
Pool with Sail
Pool on Harbour
Armour Glaze do not use paint but work with thermo set plastics, a far stronger and longer lasting process reducing future pool maintenance costs drastically.
Armour Glaze specialises in the repair & renovation of concrete, fibreglass, marblesheen, fully tiled, pebblecrete and vinyl liner pools.
Armour Glaze can also replace your waterline tiles, coping and pavers to match your new interior.
Armour Glaze plumbing renovations improve water flow and can replace old cleaning machines to ensure your whole pool is renewed.
Armour Glaze have a regular team of qualified and skilled tradesmen who understand the correct processes required.
Armour Glaze provides a 7 year warranty - exactly the same as a new pool warranty. This provides our customers with the security and peace of mind of quality work.
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