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Green Fibreglass Pool
Armour Glaze has been lining pools since 1989. All our personnel have been working with fibreglass since the late 70's. A huge wealth of knowledge has built up over the years in dealing with the problems associated with the restoration of marblesheen, pebblecrete and painted pools.
Armour Glaze can also replace your vinyl liner with our fibreglass finish. No more sagging and wrinkling problems. We can also add steps to make it easier to get in and out of your pool.
Armour Glaze specialises in the restoration of fibreglass shell pools.
The renovation of these pools needs extensive work and preparation, sometimes requiring several hundred kilograms of material to be used.
Armour Glaze has the proven experience to understand the forces at work to ensure the pool is properly stabilised while being emptied.
Armour Glaze can clearly state that we have never had a pool pop out of the ground in our 20 years - though we have repaired some that have!
When completed they look as good as new and you get the same 7 year warranty as you would with a new pool shell!

Armour Glaze can core drill walls and add new lines to update your cleaning machine. We can also add new return lines to improve water flow through the pool to the pump and filter equipment and replace old skimmer boxes.
All these factors make pool maintenance easier and less costly.
Armour Glaze interiors have a life span up to 20 years. The existing water line tiles, coping tiles and pavers may not match the life of the new interior. Consideration should be given to their replacement if they are showing their age as it may not be economical to replace them later.