Swimming Pool Repairs & Renovations
It is easier on the swimmer - particularly children because of the smooth hard surface. It is also easier on cleaning machines which become abraded by the rougher surface of cement based finishes. Therefore pool maintenance and chemical costs are reduced. This is one reason why there are no commercial pebblecrete pools.
Unlike a fully tiled pool there will be no rough grout lines - and no rough surfaces like a pebblecrete pool either. In fact the last coat in our fibreglass process provides a surface so smooth that algae will no longer have a place to establish and grow.
Fibreglass is classed as an inert surface. It does not react with the chemicals used to balance the pool.
Fleck can be applied to minimise slip and give the surface a rougher texture - particularly good for steps and non-slip areas. This is only available for fibreglass shell pools.
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Colour Chart
3 Colour Fleck Ocean Blue
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B Shaped Pool
It is the only finish which is fully waterproof. It does not allow water to migrate through the concrete to the reinforcing steel causing rust. This is an important feature especially for salt water pools.